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    ICYM Them, Here's What The Contestants Of Bigg Boss Season One Are Up To Now

    Members with political parties, acting gigs on mythological TV shows, and musical numbers about GST and black money.


    Eleven years ago, with the debut of the Indian version of popular UK reality show, Big BrotherBigg Boss, Indian TV viewers were left shook. The show has proven to be such a big hit with viewers that it has spawned ten more seasons. So, just for nostalgia's sake, let's take a look back at what season one's contestants are up to, for it was them that set the benchmark for Indian reality television.

    1. Bobby Darling

    SET India/India Today/Instagram

    In September 2017, Bobby Darling accused her husband, Ramnik Sharma of domestic violence and dowry demands.

    2. Kashmira Shah

    SET India/Viacom 18/Wikipedia

    Kashmira and Krushna Abhishek became parents to twin boys through surrogacy. She was last seen in the TV serial Siya Ke Ram as Tataka.

    3. Aryan Vaid

    SET India/Times of India/Wikipedia

    Aryan Vaid, a former Graviera Mr. India was last seen in the TV serial Santoshi Maa as Indra Dev.

    4. Anupama Verma

    SET India/Bollywood Hungama/

    Although her last acting cred was in Woodstock Villa in 2008, she has managed to stay in the limelight by launching her own fashion line in 2015.

    5. Deepak Tijori

    SET India / / Hindustan Times

    This one's a doozy — Deepak Tijori got into a fight with his wife Shivani Tomar in March 2017, and was kicked out of the house. After that, it came to light that his wife hadn't divorced her first husband before marrying Deepak (which he didn't know), basically making their marriage null and void, and essentially disqualifying his wife for maintenance.

    6. Ragini Shetty

    SET India/WorldofBigBrother/India forums

    Sony's spy/commoner posing as a celeb, Ragini Shetty a.k.a Abhijakta Umesh, had a controversial eviction as it turned out that her family spent nearly ₹1.5 lakhs in votes to get her evicted as they had sensed her discomfort with the "real" celebs. Later, her plan to foray into the movie industry wasn't successful.

    7. Baba Sehgal

    SET India/Youtube

    This guy is everywhere. His last acting cred was in Bank Chor (2017). His latest song, "Dal Roti Khao", was released on Jan 5. His last bona fide hit was "Trump Ka Mania". He has also recorded intentionally tacky numbers on GST and black money.

    8. Rupali Ganguly

    SET India/STAR TV/IMDb

    Presently, she is a regular anchor on Bioscope on Doordarshan, and had also reprised her role as the popular Monisha Sarabhai in Sarabhai v Sarabhai: Take 2 which premiered on Hotstar in 2017.

    9. Amit Sadh

    SET India/wikipedia/Indian Express

    He has had a successful career post-Bigg Boss, appearing in movies like Kai Po Che! (2013), Sultan (2016), and Sarkar 3 (2017).

    10. Rakhi Sawant

    SET India/Aaj Tak/Instagram

    When she isn't in news for her preposterous actions or statements, she is also a member of Republican Party of India (?) and keeps making guest appearances on various reality TV shows and Indian TV serials.

    11. Ravi Kishan

    SET India/Stars Unfolded

    Still killing it on the Bhojpuri movie scene, he has also appeared in Bollywood movies like Lucknow Central (2007) and Mukkabaaz (2017). Also, FYI, in February 2017, Kishan left the Congress Party and joined the BJP.

    12. Carol Gracias

    SET India/Magna Publishing/Hindustan Times

    One of India's bona fide supermodels, Carol is still slaying it. She opened a French cuisine restaurant and a bistro, along with her husband, in Goa, in 2017. She also walked the Lakme Fashion Show 2016, putting her baby bump proudly on display.

    13. Rahul Roy

    SET India/Vishesh Films/Twitter

    The first winner of Bigg Boss, he joined BJP in November 2017. Before that, he had started his own Bhojpuri movie production house in 2011 called Rahul Roy Productions.

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