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    15 Times Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Got It Right About The Most Annoying Things

    On playboys: "When he came outta his mama, the nurse didn't slap his booty. He slapped the nurse's booty."

    1. On PDA-heavy couples.

    2. On sleazy playboys.

    3. On people who fidget with their pens during an exam.

    4. On 3-D glasses enhancing one's ugliness.

    5. On people who leave poo floating in the loo.

    6. On people who text in one-word messages.

    7. On guys who are hot until they open their mouth.

    8. On people who are on their cellphone during a movie.

    9. On people who pee all over the toilet seat.

    10. On fuckboys who hate your aesthetic.

    11. On DJs who play the next song before the beat has dropped.

    12. On how immensely boring telemarketers are.

    13. On people who tell her to "go back where she came from"

    14. On people who constantly chatter during a movie.

    15. And on going blank during exams.