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    Posted on 18 Dec 2017

    Naan And Butter Chicken Is Being Sold As Tacos, And I CAN'T EVEN

    Along with a lot of cabbage as garnish. Seriously, cabbage.

    For quite some time, this video has been popping up on my Facebook feed.

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    The first time, I didn't think much of it. I was happy even, for my Indian roots and how people were promoting it.

    The second time around, I questioned the convenience of eating chewy, doughy naan and kulcha as a taco, with messy gravy getting everywhere. But that again was not my problem.

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    The third time around, the unholy amounts of cabbage (and lettuce?) irked me. Where were the swirling butter and cream?

    No, this isn't even fusion, it is a folded up naan with curry in it masquerading as a taco.

    Taco Mahal

    Quite predictably, a lot of Indian and Middle-Eastern folks are calling it out.

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    Some were willing to try it.

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    Some had suggestions.

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    Some comments were purely inflammatory.

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    Some decided to make jokes out of it.

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    While, some just went off-track.

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    Here's what I know — Indian food already has a good foothold in the USA.

    Here's what I also know — turning naan and curry into taco form shall not diminish its spiciness or flavors.


    Here's what it might be — a clever scheme to bait Mexican cuisine lovers into eating "Indian" food. Also, NAAN IS NOT TACO.

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    What is so wrong with having naan and curry the old-fashioned way?

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    Well, whatever is their cup of tea, I guess. But, only if they knew how naan and butter chicken is eaten.


    And also, gimme some non-fancy butter naan and butter chicken, ASAP. Without the cabbage.

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