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27 Facts About India's Food Ordering Habits That'll Give You A Food Boner

Not safe for people who are even slightly hungry and broke.

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Upon looking into its year-end stateatstics to understand what the nation wants (and thus, orders), Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform, uncovered the following interesting food trends.

1. Indians still prefer desi food over videshi ones.

2. Chicken biryani was the most ordered dish of 2017.

3. The highest number of orders places by a single person on Swiggy this year was 1415.

4. Pizza was the most searched for food item, with over five lakh searches in 2017.

5. December 3 saw the maximum number of online orders on Swiggy.

Did the supermoon combined with a Sunday have anything to do with it?

6. Orders for juices and shakes saw a 40% increase during the summer months of May, June, and July.

7. Masala dosa, idli, and vada were the most ordered breakfast items, with breakfast being ordered usually at 9.30 a.m.

8. Chennai used to order breakfast the earliest, starting at 9.20 a.m., with pongal being the most preferred breakfast item in the city.

9. Mumbaikars were the last ones at the dinner table, with maximum dinner orders being placed at 8.58 p.m.

10. The most favourite snacks for Indians were pav bhaji, french fries and samosas, with most snacks being ordered at 5.08 p.m.

11. Most late night orders included desserts like death by chocolate and Nutella brownie.

12. Hyderabad topped the cities with the most number of late-night orders, followed by Bengaluru and Delhi.

13. While most cities stuck to chicken biryani as their favourite food, Mumbai stuck to its staple pav bhaji.

14. The hungriest area of Mumbai was Bandra West, followed by Powai and Andheri West.

15. New Delhi, out of all Indian cities, ordered the maximum amount of pasta.

16. Bengaluru ranked second to Hyderabad in ordering Chinese food. Interestingly, Mumbai’s ever-famous vada pav was amongst the top five most ordered snack items in Bengaluru.

17. During Durga Puja in Kolkata, orders for sweets and desserts rose by 8% compared to other cities.

18. Biryani orders especially saw an increase in the months of June and October, possibly owing to the festivals of Eid and Diwali. There were over 20 varieties of biryani that Hyderabadis ordered through Swiggy.

19. Pune is the only city that preferred dal khichdi over biryani for lunch.

20. Indian women tended to order more desserts than men. The most ordered desserts were gulab jamun and rasmalai.

21. The most favourite ice cream flavours were death by chocolate, tender coconut ice cream, and brownie fudge. Bengaluru emerged as the ice cream capital, followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai.

22. Roasted chicken salad was the most ordered choice of food amongst Indian health aficionados, while Bangaloreans stuck to juices.

23. Ironically Hyderabad, the city that consumes most chicken biryani, was also the city that ordered most healthy items.

24. Chicken fried rice topped the list of Asian food items. After chicken biryani, chicken 65 was the most ordered chicken item.

25. While Bengaluru topped the list for highest number of non-vegetarian orders, Pune is the only city that saw more vegetarian orders that non-vegetarian.

26. Hyderabad was the city that ordered bowls like fruit bowls and Mexican burrito bowls, the most.

27. And Chennai ranked highest in ordering meals.