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    Posted on 12 Dec 2017

    21 Moments Without Which Your Move To A Big City Is Incomplete

    "Lonely, I'm so lonely, I have nobody to call my own."

    1. When you get the news that you got a job in a metro and the initial jitters set in.


    2. When the hunt is on to find cheap and reasonable accommodation, as if it is ever possible.

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    You will get either find a small, cheap place nearby the office or a spacious but expensive place nearby the office. But never a cheap, spacious place nearby the office.

    3. When you are too excited to, maybe, buy a whole new wardrobe and other little things.

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    "I need new shirts, shoes, make-up, balti-mug, toothbrush, toothpaste..."

    4. When your mom and dad decide to mortify you by deciding to accompany you too.


    "Beta, I need to speak with your boss. What if it's all a scam?"

    5. When the sounds and sights, after you finally reach, awe you too much.

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    6. When the PG aunty/uncle put out their best fake formalities when you first interact with them.

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    Give it a week and she'll start charging you for breathing.

    7. When you are nervous and almost feel like puking while preparing for your first day at the office.


    8. When you are super intimidated by the work environment.


    9. When the emptiness follows when mom and dad leave.

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    Don't worry, they will constantly call you throughout the day to check up on you.

    10. When the grind of this mundane daily routine weighs you down...

    11. When the despair starts creeping in as you still haven't made any new friends.

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    12. And when the lack of a friend to share it all with hits you hard.

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    13. When you are too anxious to roam the city alone, so you decide to stay in instead.

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    14. When you feel that people are judging you for opting to watch the cheapest movie showtime possible.

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    Same applies to cheapest food options. And eating all alone.

    15. When you fear that you will never figure out the urban jungle.

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    "Will I die if I take the local transport? If I don't stay alert, these people will trample me."

    16. When there is a dread of interacting with colleagues at the workplace.

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    "What if they don't like me?"

    17. When you don't look forward to going back home.

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    "I am gonna barf if I have Maggi one more time, but sadly that's all I know how to make."

    18. But when one day they hand you your first cheque.

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    19. And then you realise you can afford a maid.

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    "Yay! Finally, real food!"

    20. When you realise that your colleague hates the same people and loves the same movies as you do.

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    21. When, after two whole months, your induction is complete and you are no more a stranger to the city.

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