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    8 Dec 2017

    15 Reasons You Should Bother About This Little-Known State Called Odisha

    "Do you guys even know English?"

    1. Because elementary Geography, my dear Watson.

    Hi, we're still here. Not South India. We're on the east coast. BUT VERY MUCH A PART OF INDIA, THANK YOU.

    2. Because we are not Bengalis. Not even defectors.

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    And definitely, not wannabes.

    3. Because our identity includes more than just a petty Rasgulla war.

    love_partha / Via Instagram

    Extends to much better stuff like chhena poda, chhena jhili, rasabali and kheer sagar. And FYI, the GI tag war was for Banglar Rosogulla, not Pahala Rasagolla. Get your facts straight.

    4. Because "rice fermented in buttermilk" is not disgusting.

    Pakhala is the victim of a traditional 'judge-without-experience' mentality. And while you are experiencing it also try out the Pithas and Dalma. And the ever famous, Puri Mahaprasad — it'll be a life-changing experience.

    5. Because no one speaks "odissi" here.

    Prasanth Kumar / Via Instagram

    We speak Odia. Dance Odissi. And don't tolerate assholes.

    6. Because it's time to move past the "malnourished" and "backward" tag.

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    Such ignorant statements would do great in politically enlightening conversations if one were to belong in the 20th century. Also, FYI, this is one state that celebrates womanhood and menstruation.

    7. Because we don't need to be notorious to make news.

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    When was the last time you heard of a major crime, political scandal, riot, communal issue coming out of Odisha? On the bright side, movies don't get banned here.

    8. Because there is more to it than just the Puri temple and beaches.

    9. Because "big city vibes" isn't everything you need to survive.

    You also need clean, unpolluted air, crime-free neighbourhoods, no curfews, no long-ass traffic jams. And lots and lots of trees.

    10. Because, maybe, you're just not outdoorsy enough if you still say it is boring.

    IndiaSurfFestival / Via Instagram

    Do you even internet if you have not heard of India's only Surfing Festival that is held at Konark? Or one of India's largest fairs ever — Bali Yatra.

    11. Because "Rangabati" isn't the only Odia song out there.

    I'd recommend "Kali Kapali" and "Puchuku Gali" and I'll let you translate their meanings.

    12. Because every second person on our streets isn't a KIIT University graduate.

    KIIT University / Via Instagram

    KIIT is very generous to take in 27,000 students from over 45 countries. But I guess, to you, that'd make them all Odias.

    13. Because "doesn't know Odia" isn't a good enough reason to diss our CM.

    The Indian Express

    Do. Not. Ever. Use. Language to criticise governance skills. By that logic, my oratory skills will make me a better president than Trump.

    14. Because surnames like Panda, Behera and Pati aren't good enough punchlines as they pale in comparison to some of the more illustrious ones our country has to offer.

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    Also, we shouldn't make fun of anyone's name. 10-year olds can make better jokes.

    15. And, because MPs from our state publicly advocate 'baking'.


    Like, literally.

    Chalo, visit Odisha sometime to just chill.

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