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    15 Reasons Why You Should Bother About This Little Known State Called Odisha

    Or else, 44 million Odias shall judge you. Hard.

    1. "Odisha? It's in South India, right?"

    2. "Ok, wannabe Bengalis."

    3. "How does it feel like to lose the Great Rosgulla War?"

    4. "Don't you feel disgusted eating Rice fermented in Buttermilk?"

    4. "Aren't you pretty healthy for someone from a poor state?"

    5. "Damn! Aren't you smart for someone from a backward state?"

    6. "Why are you guys so unpopular though?"

    7. "There is literally nothing else to see other than temples, beaches and Puri"

    8. "But no maaaalllllsssss. And metro trains. And big city vibes."

    9. "Still so boring, yaar."

    10. "I forgot, do you guys speak Odissi or dance Odissi? Lawl."

    11. "You'll probably sing Rangabati, since that's the only song you guys know."

    12. "Isn't every second person on your street a KIIT graduate?"

    13. "Hawww, your CM can't speak Odia?"

    14. "Bro, quite some surnames. Panda, Behera, Pati. ROFL."

    15. "Seriously, how y'all so chill?'

    Here's to not being douchebags of the 'high'est order. Byeeee.