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    People Are Taking The Piss Out Of The Blue UK Passport That's Coming After Brexit

    "The new blue passport looks literally nothing like the old blue passport, which half the country couldn’t remember anyway."

    This is the current British passport. You should recognise it, and yeah, it's burgundy. It also lets you travel freely throughout the EU.

    The Home Office has finally revealed what British passports will look after Britain leaves the EU in 2019, and, apparently passports are going to be blue, the same colour they were in the 1980s. Probably before you were born.

    This is how the traditional "dark-blue" passport and the burgundy one look side by side. The older one actually looks more black, but whatevs.

    Anyway. Today's Sun has celebrated Britain getting its "iconic" dark-blue passports back.

    Tomorrow's front page: Brits will get their iconic dark blue passports back after Brexit in a stunning campaign vic…


    It was the giant blue passport wot won it.

    ...that looks nothing like the old one.

    So iconic it’s a different shade of blue, and looks different, and HOORAY FOR JINGO!

    The new blue passport looks literally nothing like the old blue passport, which half the country couldn’t remember…

    1. That’s not the same blue as the pre-burgundy passport 2. The EU don’t mandate burgundy as a passport cover colo…

    Anyway, some people were overjoyed.

    My passport doesn’t expire till 2025 but I will see if they let me renew early just to get rid of the words “European Union” from the front!

    But not everyone was having it, pointing out there was something of a generational divide going on.

    I honestly didn’t know that the British passport was blue.

    Which rather called the whole "iconic" claim into question.

    Things that are iconic: Every Beyonce single. Madonna. Brian Clough. Helen Mirren Jane Birkin Judi Dench Carrie Fis…

    There were a lot of hot takes...

    If your sense of national identity is so heavily wrapped up in the colour of your passport, I would suggest that yo…

    you: the colour of a travel document is news me, an intellectual: CHANGE THE DIMENSIONS YOU COWARDS

    ...hard truths...

    A reminder that "share of people without a passport" was one of strongest correlations with Leave vote

    ...and general grumbling.

    Lush. We can stroke and admire them for endless hours in those lovely long passport control queues.

    Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather have guaranteed visa free travel in 27 countries than a blue passport.

    Mostly, however, there was an awful lot of piss taking.

    Dear Diary, September 2019: “Renew nice burgundy passport before the Alan Partridge blue.”

    nothing but respect for my passport

    Can’t believe the Tories are getting rid of the iconic 1988 burgundy “Thatcher passport”.

    At least we have our blue passport Maude Yes Tarquin it's worth the wait

    Sorry but this is the only passport I'll be using

    Time for a welcome return of this old favourite #bluepassport #passport

    People also pointed out other countries have more lit passports, so what is the UK even doing?

    Norway's passport is pretty cool. Pages reveal the northern lights under UV lamps used by border police. I’d rather…

    I mean, look, dancing reindeer.

    In fact, why do Brits even need passports?

    Why do we need any colour passport? We should just be able to shout, “British! Less of your nonsense!” and stroll straight through.

    We all know this is the only true Blue.

    Well, at least Brits can finally match their pets.

    A reminder that some of us already had a blue passport, which Brexit is putting at risk