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Muslim Teens Have Made This Islamic Scholar Into A Gigantic Meme

Mufti Menk told BuzzFeed News: "Some of them are OK, some of them are just a laugh, and some of them are actually ridiculous."

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He is from Harare in Zimbabwe and is the director of the Islamic Educational Centre of the Majlisul Ulama.

He has a huge following on social media: His Facebook pages has over 1.8 million likes and he has more than 900,000 Twitter followers.

He's also been named one of the top 500 most influential Muslims in the world. Menk has been invited to do speaking tours all over the world on issues from spirituality to shisha – but he was stopped from speaking at UK universities over concerns about his anti-gay views.


He said it was important for religious scholars to be accessible, unlike the previous generation. "It was so difficult to access scholars, and people thought, These guys are really not living the life we're living," he added.

"We're trying to keep up with the changes and trying to educate people regarding these changes in a balanced way, and go through these changes without really compromising core beliefs and without trampling on the toes of others," he added.

Aisha Gani is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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