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    15 Instagrammers Rocking Their Modest Swimwear

    Modest swimwear worn around the world.

    1. superhera_

    Hera wrote in her caption: "I just have to share this through all of my social media platforms. Look, that's me with a full swim suit that covers my hair and named burkini lately. I'm a Moslem, I'm good swimmer, I can roll back perfectly under water, I can swim for hours. Now France want to ban burkini in public beaches because it's considered disruptive to public order? Do you think I would be thinking something political as I dive in the water? Hey I would even forget my job as I swim."

    2. sporty.muslimah

    3. Madamme Bk

    Madamme BK Paris was started in 2012 by Brazilian designer Vanessa Lourenco. She said: "I believe that every woman should deserve to have the freedom to enjoy life in every way possible."

    4. Mariem Akrout

    5. Noor Tagouri

    Noor Tagouri

    "My style is definitely more minimal, I wear leggings like for working out, with board shorts on top sometimes and a surf shirt or rash guard and then a turban or hat."


    7. Melanie Elturk

    Melanie Elturk

    Melanie Elturk, of Haute Hijab, said: "The invention of the burkini was one of the best things to happen to my wardrobe! … Once I found this amazing swimsuit it allowed me to participate in water activities without sacrificing my beliefs – whether that was swimming with a whale shark in the Maldives, jet-skiing in Zanzibar or snorkeling with sea turtles in Fiji."

    8. Omneya Ezz

    9. Mona Mufleh

    "I like to style my modest swimwear with a turban, sunglasses, my everyday necklace and earrings! The burkini being banned doesn't make sense to me, because it is a given right to every human to be able to have the freedom to wear whatever they believe in. Oppression to wear what they want you to wear isn't going to bring peace!"

    10. csovintage

    11. Dina Tokio

    The lifestyle fashion & beauty v|ogger Dina Torkia, who doesn't wear a burkini in this photo but improvises with a cycling top and leggings, published her thoughts on the burkini and banning the burkini in a recent YouTube video, saying: "How are you gonna ban a 'burkini'? … This is just men telling women what to wear again and again."

    12. salutearahma

    13. Maryem Gtari

    Maryem said: "The burkini is a specific garment for the veiled woman to be elegant even in the beach."

    14. Firda Shafie

    15. Saufeeya bint Goodson

    Saufeeya bint Goodson

    Saufeeya, @feeeeya on Instagram, doesn't wear burkinis but shared her beachwear look.