15 Cartoons From Artists Responding To The Controversy Over France's Burkini Ban

    "The lottery of indecency."


    #Khartoon - Laws - To cover or uncover? name of freedom, while others in the name of religion #cartoon


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    This cartoon compares the situation in France in 1966 and 50 years later, captioned: On the beaches of France. In both illustrated scenarios, officials tell women: "Get dressed, lady. It is forbidden!"


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    Twitter user @LaSauvageJaune shared a drawing titled “The lottery of indecency”. It shows two halves of a woman, one dressed with a veil, a burkini, and a long skirt, and the other clothed only in a mini skirt. The captions illustrate how women are subjected to criticism for whatever they wear.


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    Débat sur le #burkini : GROSSE recrudescence du féminisme...

    Marc Dubuisson, who writes comics, published this illustration on the debate surrounding the burkini, which shows a man grieving about the situation of women wearing a burkini while at the same time shouting at his own girlfriend/wife.


    Dans le sud, la police chasse les "signes religieux ostentatoires"... Mais pas tous. #voile #burkini #hypocrisie

    "In the south, police hunt the 'conspicuous religious symbols' ... but not all."


    My cartoon on the Burkiniban in France. #burkiniban @BanningTheBurka #burkaverbot @joop_nl @cartoonmovement


    Today’s cartoon by Khalid Cherradi: https://t.co/jtLMnGS5L8 #BurkiniBan



    Trop habillée ou pas assez... le "libre choix" de la femme est encore trop souvent celui de l'homme :( #Burkini

    "Wearing too much or not enough ... the 'free choice' of women is too often that of man."


    L'hystérie du #Burkini, avec son instrumentalisation douteuse par des élus en mal de notoriété, ça finit quand ?

    "The hysteria of the #Burkini, with its questionable exploitation by politicians in search of fame, when does it end?"



    The #BurkiniBan - 'C'est ridicule!' © Amy Clancy (@AmyClancyUK)

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