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10 Great Music Videos From 2015

Other than BBHMM.

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Alright - Kendrick Lamar / Via Giphy

Alright being one of the stand-out tracks on Kendrick's To Pimp a Butterfly album, the video had to match the hype. Kendrick always invests time in his videos as it is, making mini-movies in 3 minutes but Alright stood out because it acknowledged and dealt with the issue of police brutality directly.

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The New International Sound Part 2 - Gener8ion + M.I.A.

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If you appreciate perfectly synchronised choreography than this is a video to watch. There are literally hundreds of people moving in perfect harmony. This video looks more like an inside documentary on a sporting event than a music video and it is awesome.

Energy - Drake / Via Giphy

So the concept behind this seems to be Drake relating to all these other famous people because they also have a lot of enemies? Which is why they all have his face? Whatever the concept, this video is trippy and weird which, for Drake, is definitely something new.

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Pendulum - FKA Twigs

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How was FKA Twigs not going to be on this list, honestly. The current queen of unusual videos, all of her videos are worth watching if only for how out there and creative they are and this is actually one of her more restrained videos. The way she uses her hair as a prop though...

Champagne Kisses - Jessie Ware

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Listen to Champagne Kisses then try to imagine what kind of video would go with it...then watch this. With the retro 60's vibe and complete surrealism, you might not know what's going on but maybe that's half the fun of watching it.

Classic Man - Jidenna

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Ok, so this video definitely didn't fly under the radar but if you want to see a lot of immaculately dressed people and feel like you've been taken back a century, watch Classic Man. It's like 4 minutes of fashion eye-candy. Can you be mean when you look that clean?

The Greatest - Raleigh Ritchie

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If you watch Game of Thrones - you probably still don't know who Raleigh Ritchie is although you will recognise his face as Grey Worm. Going by the pseudonym Raleigh Ritchie for his music, Jacob Anderson's depiction of an eternal house-party is funny but also throws in some commentary about being young and lost.

Glass and Patron - FKA Twigs / Via Giphy

FKA Twigs again. From giving birth to a stream of coloured fabric to a catwalk in the middle of the woods (and that's not all), there's a lot going on here. And her moves are flawless.

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All Hands On Deck - Tinashe

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One of her more popular videos, the visuals on this video - particularly the wide shots - are so original. Even in her more mainstream of videos, she puts her own spin on it with the location and the dancing.

BBHMM Live - Rihanna

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Ok this isn't the official video (that video has probably been seen by every person with internet in their house, no?) but it is still a great performance and the epitome of 90s Hip-Hop nostalgia. That outfit...the dancer's outfits...the helicopter in the back.

What are the most original, entertaining or just memorable music videos you've seen in the last year?

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