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9 Truly Smart Shopping Tips To Help You Win Black Friday

Let's make this a stress-free Black Friday.

1. Start early, aka now!

2. Check your favourite retailers' social accounts for $avings.

A woman on the street holding a giant, oversized cellphone.

3. While you're at it...subscribe to newsletters.

4. Skip the crowds and shop online.

5. Earn 15x–20x the AIR MILES® Reward Miles by doing your shopping through

6. Don't impulse buy. Do your research.

A photo of Santa sitting down with a laptop on his knee holding a magnifying glass up to his eye.

7. Make a budget and stick to it.

8. Make a holiday shopping list.

9. Shop with stores that have healthy return policies.

A photo of a hand holding a cellphone in front of some packages with the text "Your return has been accepted" on the screen.

Make sure to shop for all your favourite brand names and earn extra Reward Miles this Black Friday.

gifts for them. miles for you.

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