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    This Parody Campbell's Facebook Account Is Trolling Homophobes And It's Mmm! Mmm! Good!

    Mike Melgaard takes on everyone's favorite 'offensive' group.

    This New Commercial Is Making Some People Upset

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    In this "Star Wars" Campbell's soup commercial, two gay dads do their best impersonation of Darth Vader. Pretty controversial, right?

    Some actual grown adults aren't taking too kindly to this here "homosex agenda" (their words, not mine) and they're threatening to boycott the company. Well, thankfully Mike Melgaard, the guy who last month hilariously posed as a Doritos customer-service rep page to make epic, sarcastic replies to critics, is back to take them down a notch.

    Here are a few of his gems while posting as Campbell's ForHelp:

    Luke 6:37 wisely states: