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14 Types Of Basketball Game Fails

The best part of basketball is catching someone feeling embarrassed. Check out all the different kinds of airhead moments from the court, and whenever you've committed your own mishap, embrace it with Airheads.

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1. There's The "Pass To Someone Who's Not Even Playing"

2. The "Complete And Total Air Ball"

3. And The Ol' "Completely Forgetting You Even Have A Game To Play"

4. The "How Cool Would It Be If I Added Rollerblades To My Costume"


5. The "I Got Caught Giving Myself A Pep Talk"

6. The "Which Basket Is Mine Again?"

7. The "I'm Not As Good At That As I Thought"

8. The "I Wish I Had Eyes In The Back Of My Head"

9. The "I'm SO Excited That I'm Gonna Pummel My Friend And End Up On The Floor"

10. The "I Rubbed A Knee That Wasn't Mine"

11. The "Oh Come On"

12. The "Yeah, This Is Definitely Glass"

13. The "I Know The Ball Didn't Go Into That Jug Of Gatorade, But I Better Check Anyway"

14. The "Oh, That Ball Just Barely Hit My Head? OHMIGOSH I'M HURTING SO BAD"

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