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    16 Clever Buys That Will Help Improve Your Pet's Quality Of Life

    The things we do (and buy) for our pets, eh?

    1. Are you even a serious dog person if you don't own a collapsible dog bowl?

    2. Keep your leather fresh and dander-free with a snazzy seat protector.

    3. A water bottle for your doggo, because we all appreciate the importance of staying hydrated.

    4. An indoor dog house doesn't have to mean compromising on interior style, with this cosy pet home.

    5. This pet carrier bag, because cats deserve to see all that the world has to offer too.

    6. If you've got backyard chooks, consider this auto chicken feeder.

    7. This dog-operated water fountain, because an independent dog is the best kind of dog.

    8. Why have a regular bowl, when you can have a smart bowl?

    9. Keep track of your adventure-seeking pooch with this GPS collar.

    10. A flip litter box is all the privacy your feline will ever want or need.

    11. No animal-lover's home is complete without a pet monitor.

    12. The only place they'll ever want to snuffle is on a snuffle mat, obviously.

    13. A house for your cat that's more palatial than your own digs.

    14. Don't let your four-legged passenger distract you behind the wheel. Get yourself a front seat barrier.

    15. Because even man's best friend can suffer anxiety, so consider a calming wobble bowl.

    16. And finally, if you can't get the real deal, why don't you just settle for a pug in a mug?