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    16 Clever Buys That Will Help Improve Your Pet's Quality Of Life

    The things we do (and buy) for our pets, eh?

    1. Are you even a serious dog person if you don't own a collapsible dog bowl?

    Amazon / Via

    The answer is no, my friends. We've found the perfect pet accessory bowl for travel adventures with your pooch. It's portable, it's convenient and it's likely to claim the title of your new best friend.

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for just $2.95.

    2. Keep your leather fresh and dander-free with a snazzy seat protector.

    Dick Smith / Via

    Save yourself countless hours steam-cleaning paw marks and vacuuming allergy-inducing fur off of your car seats with a portable, non-slip, waterproof seat protector. Looks pretty comfy from where we're sitting too.

    Buy one from Dick Smith for $25.

    3. A water bottle for your doggo, because we all appreciate the importance of staying hydrated.

    Design Stuff / Via

    On-the-move means limited access to taps and fresh water for your little mate. And on a hot day, that can be a problem. Enter the Cotop portable water bottle, that you can easily attach to your backpack or pram for the days you're out pounding the pavement with your four-legged friend.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $17.99.

    4. An indoor dog house doesn't have to mean compromising on interior style, with this cosy pet home.

    Pet House / Via

    Look no further than the Curver Cozy Dog Bed for a stylish answer to the chic dog bed you've been searching for. So chic, in fact, that your other household furniture will look daggy next to it.

    Buy from Pet House for $229.99.

    5. This pet carrier bag, because cats deserve to see all that the world has to offer too.

    Dick Smith / Via

    If, like us, you greatly enjoyed the scene in Miss Americana where Tay-Tay has her cat, Olivia, in a chic backpack carrier, then cop a look at this. You never need leave your furry friend behind again, with this pet window carrier backpack with plenty of ventilation.

    Buy one from Dick Smith for $39.

    6. If you've got backyard chooks, consider this auto chicken feeder.

    Dick Smith / Via

    Keep your chook well fed and high on life with a genius outdoor chicken feeder that they can access themselves. It'll also minimise food waste and discourage pesky rats from setting up camp near your coop.

    Buy one from Dick Smith for $45.

    7. This dog-operated water fountain, because an independent dog is the best kind of dog.

    United Wholesalers / Via

    A step-and-spray outdoor dog drinking fountain is as fun to watch in action as it is to operate. It also serves a practical purpose, serving your dog an A+ drinking experience of clean and refreshing H2O — right in the gob.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $64.99.

    8. Why have a regular bowl, when you can have a smart bowl?

    Amazon / Via

    There are a lot of reasons why this smart bowl is allowed to be smug. It does a heck of a lot more than simply hold food — it also weighs contents, inhibits bacteria growth and will even go as far to suggest how much grub your pet needs. Smug AND smart.

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $39.85.

    9. Keep track of your adventure-seeking pooch with this GPS collar.

    Dick Smith / Via

    Keep track of your canine mate with a waterproof and robust GPS tracker that also doubles as a cute fashion accessory. Better than a diamond tennis necklace, we reckon.

    Buy online from Dick Smith for $99.

    10. A flip litter box is all the privacy your feline will ever want or need.

    Amazon / Via

    This fab little flip litter box is portaloo-chic. It provides easy access for scooping and cleaning, while offering a spacious luxe interior to cater to any cat's comfort.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $169.

    11. No animal-lover's home is complete without a pet monitor.

    Amazon / Via

    Controlled by an app, this pet monitor gives you a wide-angle live feed of your home, allows you to take photos and HD videos, speak to your pet and even lets you play with your them using an automated laser — a good time for everyone involved!

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $217.25.

    12. The only place they'll ever want to snuffle is on a snuffle mat, obviously.

    Amazon / Via

    Snuffle mats definitely win the Oscar for a dog's favourite toy. They are a clever invention for brain-training games and hiding treats. With a non-slip bottom design, it stays in one place while your pet can have at it.

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $30.99.

    13. A house for your cat that's more palatial than your own digs.

    Dick Smith / Via

    Tired of finding your favourite clothes and new sneakers torn to shreds? A cat scratching tree is your all-in-one solution to never coming home to your kitty’s mass destruction again.

    Buy one from Dick Smith for $59.

    14. Don't let your four-legged passenger distract you behind the wheel. Get yourself a front seat barrier.

    Amazon / Via

    Investing in a front seat pet barrier will help keep your nosey parker pet from peeping his or her head through to the front seat — reducing driver distraction and increasing safety.

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $37.50.

    15. Because even man's best friend can suffer anxiety, so consider a calming wobble bowl.

    Amazon / Via

    Like humans, dogs can get majorly anxious over, A Lickimat Dog Anxiety Aid is a clever way to promote calm behaviour in your pet while they are home alone or during stressful times, like thunderstorms. Because nobody puts your baby in a corner...without a Lickimat, at least.

    Buy one from Pet House for $19.99.

    16. And finally, if you can't get the real deal, why don't you just settle for a pug in a mug?

    Amazon / Via

    Now this is a dog your real estate agent won't have a problem with. Introducing the cutest and most adorable tea-infuser you've probably ever seen — pug in a mug. The best way to enjoy your cup of tea while showing your undying love for canines.

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $14.