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    18 Ways To Organise What You Didn’t Even Think Needed Organising

    Organising solutions that'll definitely spark joy.

    1. A magnetic knife strip to give you serious sous chef status.

    Pinterest / Via

    Embrace the space-saving allure of forgoing a knife block and make it a design feature for the wall. We are mad about keeping our most utilised knives visible in the prep space while ensuring they're within convenient reach.

    Buy one online from Amazon Australia for $29.97.

    2. Scandi style round wall hooks to up your interior game.

    Hardtofind / Via

    For a contemporary look, a set of round beech wood wall hooks are an eye-catching and modern addition to a room or an entrance, to organise your coats, bags and hang-worthy items.

    Buy from Hardtofind for $15.

    3. Use jars to give your pantry a sleek overhaul.

    IKEA / Via

    Keep your dry goods and other treats looking chic in lidded glass jars. Go for transparent vessels to make things super easy to find too. Good enough for Kim K, good enough for us.

    Buy some from IKEA for $4.99.

    4. Packing cubes to save you space for more duty-free purchases.

    Amazon / Via

    Get yourself a set of space-savey bags to separate your stuff and arrange your luggage. They were invented to make life more convenient and to protect your clothes from creases, dust and damage.

    Buy a set of 7 from Amazon Australia for $23.99.

    5. A bamboo brush holder will tidy up your beauty drawer, giving you easy access to your tools.

    Amazon / Via

    With over thirty holes, this brush holder is a major space saver and also manages to keep everything perfectly positioned upright — what a guy!

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $39.90.

    6. These brilliant stacking gadgets, because who wouldn't want to stack their coffee mugs.

    Amazon / Via

    A mug stacker is a genius way to organise your kitchen cupboards by laying mugs and cups on top of each other to save on space.

    Buy them in a pack of 6 from Amazon Australia for $36.95.

    7. A wall-mounted paper towel holder, because it's totally a thing.

    Howard's Storage World / Via

    For a double whammy that's an instant update to your kitchen AND a sophisticated answer to your storage woes, look no further than a wall-mounted paper towel holder.

    Buy from Howard's Storage World for $26.95.

    8. The hanging wardrobe organiser you actually need.

    Amazon / Via

    A hanging storage unit like this has endless possibilities. Use it to store your odds and ends and even sling one up in the kids room for easy-access to toys and books.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $22.90.

    9. The least annoying way to keep all your keys on one keyring.

    Amazon / Via

    Say goodbye to the pesky jingling of house and car keys (not to mention the unorganised tangle every time you try to find the mailbox key) and say hello to a sleek, pocket-sized product called Keysmart — saving you time, money and space.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $28.99.

    10. The IKEA wall shelf you've most definitely saved in your #interiorinspo.

    IKEA / Via

    With a clean design and a discreet (almost invisible) mounting, the Lack wall shelf from IKEA is both functional and beautiful. The hidden suspension brackets magically make it appear like it’s part of the wall — streamlined and chic!

    Buy from IKEA for $24.99.

    11. A hook pantry storage rack to keep your everyday food items visible.

    Howard's Storage World / Via

    Turn that wasted space at the back of kitchen pantry doors into a functional and organised space in a matter of minutes. Go on, dare ya.

    Buy from Howard's Storage World for $49.95.

    12. Fridge storage racks to keep your sundowners elevated at ALL times.

    Amazon / Via

    A can or bottle will sit perfectly flat on these neat fridge racks, keeping your brews chilled and within an arms reach. Way to impress ya mate!

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $37.15.

    13. This cute way to keep your cords neat at all times.

    Hardtofind / Via

    Lush leather has been reimagined into this gift-worthy set of cord organisers, keeping your cords tangle-free and easily packable when you're on the move.

    Buy in a pack of 3 from Hardtofind for $38.

    14. Oh, cable organiser, where have you been all our lives?

    Amazon / Via

    Sounds simple enough, but why haven't we been using one of these?! Talk about making things easier, no more tangled cords slipping down the back of impossible-to-reach crevices.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $20.90.

    15. A 5-tier pant hanger that would make Marie Kondo proud.

    Howard's Storage World / Via

    Sure, having high quality hangers will ensure your clothes are kept in tip-top condition. But, having a FIVE tier pant hanger will really level up your wardrobe appeal and organisational game.

    Buy from Howard's Storage World for $11.95.

    16. Wall-mount your brooms and mop, whydontcha?

    Amazon / Via

    A no brainer. These suction wall mounts are a landlord's dream and will leave your walls damage-free — keeping your brooms and mops all together and within close reach.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $35.45.

    17. A battery organiser means no more searching for AA's in the kitchen bottom drawer from hell.

    Amazon / Via

    Made from a durable plastic material and with the ability to be stored flat in a drawer, what better way to keep your batteries organised and neatly stored in your home.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $29.90.

    18. And finally, a silicone shower organiser so there will never be an excuse to drop the soap.

    Hardtofind / Via

    Designed for small toiletry items and brilliantly made from an antibacterial material to never grow mould, this is the small bathroom saviour we've been searching for — and cute to boot!

    Buy from Hardtofind for $34.95.