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    18 Little Eco-Friendly Things To Work Into Your Daily Routine

    Treat yoself while treating the environment a little better.

    1. Metal lunch box and snack pots to embrace the naked foods.

    Seed and Sprout / Via

    There's no better way to take your lunch to work than in a sturdy metal lunch box. They're lightweight to carry while keeping your food looking it's best — staying fresh to death.

    Buy it online from Seed and Sprout for $99.

    2. Grants Bamboo Toothbrush is the only way forward for your fangs.

    Priceline / Via

    An easy swap-in from your plastic old faithful to a new bamboo toothbrush for your pearly whites.

    Buy online from Priceline for $4.49.

    3. Plus Eco Floss that actually works.

    Nourished Life / Via

    Georganics Natural floss is laced with spearmint and environmentally friendly to boot!

    Buy it online from Nourished Life for $17.95.

    4. TISRO Reusable Metal Straws for your morning smoothie on-the-go.

    Amazon / Via

    If you don't have stainless steel straws in your kitchen drawer are you even a millennial? These are both functional and environmentally friendly.

    Buy them in a set of 5 from Amazon Australia for $9.99.

    5. EcoBeauty Reusable Makeup Remover Pads that'll save more than your money.

    Amazon / Via

    Organic Natural Bamboo reusable cotton rounds are gentle on your face and gentler on our environment.

    Buy online from Amazon Australia for $19.95.

    6. MyAura Natural Deodorant to keep you smelling sweet.

    Amazon / Via

    An all-natural deodorant that goes the distance — sans the gross aluminium, zinc and preservatives!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $9.

    7. Natural Instinct Invisible Sunscreen is the physical sunscreen of our dreams.

    Nourished Life / Via

    Slip this little beauty into your daily face routine. It's natural and packs a serious punch in your defence against the harsh, Aussie sun.

    Buy it online from Nourished Life for $15.95.

    8. Matto Bamboo Makeup Brushes are worth getting out of bed for.

    Amazon / Via

    Upgrade your makeup brushes to an eco-friendly alternative with these bamboo beauties.

    Buy them in a set of 9 at Amazon Australia for $39.99.

    9. Huskee cups are equal parts fashionable and eco-friendly.

    Amazon / Via

    Made from recycled coffee husks and in two very chic colour ways, Huskee cups are the perfect reusable accessory to compliment your outfit and your lifestyle.

    Buy your Huskee cup online from Amazon Australia for $18.

    10. Moon Stainless Steel Water Bottle for hydration on-the-go!

    Amazon / Via

    Stainless steel water bottles are quite possibly our favourite thing right now. They work hard to keep water cool for prolonged periods and are super chic to take along to your next yoga class!

    Buy one from Amazon Australia for $24.95.

    11. Dog Poop Bags for that afterwork walk with your pooch.

    Amazon / Via

    These earth-friendly doggie waste bags are an easy tack on to your house keys when you're out pounding the pavement with your four-legged friend.

    Buy online at Amazon Australia for $10.99.

    12. Eco Friendly Shopping Bag Set to step-up your grocery game.

    Amazon / Via

    Reusable shopping bags are a winning way to cut down on plastic usage and add a bit of sustainability to your grocery routine.

    Buy a set online at Amazon Australia for $29.95.

    13. Koala Eco Hand Wash to wash the dirt of the day away.

    Amazon / Via

    With 100% pure Australian lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils, Koala natural hand soap gets our triple A rating — aromatic, anti-bacterial and A+ for the environment!

    Buy it online from Amazon Australia for $16.95.

    14. Giant Silicone Food Pouch to keep your greens fresh.

    Seed and Sprout / Via

    If you're using disposable ziplock bags and other single-use plastic bags to store produce in your fridge or freezer, here's a 290% better idea.

    Buy one from Seed and Sprout for $39.

    15. Swig Life Stemless Wine Cup because everybody loves a Rosé on a picnic rug.

    Amazon / Via

    Reusable and unbreakable and the best excuse you'll ever get to grab a rug, some friends and a triple cream brie.

    Buy online from Amazon Australia for $51.65

    16. Paper Stick Cotton Buds to add to your toiletries.

    Amazon / Via

    Made from paper sticks and with biodegradable packaging, these cotton buds are an eco-conscious purchase.

    Buy a 600 pack at Amazon Australia for $12.

    17. Sanctum Soothing Cream Cleanser will clear your skin and your conscience.

    Nourished Life / Via

    Aussie brand Sanctum has a complete enviro-friendly arsenal of beauty products worthy of your dollars.

    Buy it online from Amazon Australia for $17.95.

    18. And finally, Sodashi Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser is the definition of luxury.

    Nourished Life / Via

    This little gem is a beautiful and high-brow as it looks. Rich, luxurious and with no yucky nasties — but be warned, you'll be hooked!

    Buy it online from Nourished Life for $147.