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In Addition To A New Hulu Show, Marvel Just Brought One Of Our Favorite YA Authors Onboard For The "Runaways" Comics

Marvel readers, YA readers, and TV watchers all have reason to rejoice.

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You may recall that Marvel is partnering with Hulu on a new TV show based on the teen comic series Runaways.

To sum up, it's about a group of teenagers who discover that not only are their parents part of an underground ring of villains but that they too possess powers.

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The book series hasn't had a new installment since 2015 and today Marvel announced some stellar news via Entertainment Weekly.

Exclusive: @RainbowRowell will write @Marvel's brand new #Runaways series!

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Author of some of our favorite YA books -- Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Carry On -- Rainbow Rowell has been tapped to write the next installment of the series.

She'll be tasked with reuniting all of the Runaways as they've gone through quite a bit over the years, including some deaths and separations. (Did we mention there's a psychic velociraptor in the series?)

So in theory, if the show does well, we may just see some of Rowell's new story play out on screen. Which is awesome.

These super-abled teens aren't your Peter Parker-types and they bring some much-needed representation to the Marvel TV world and Rowell KNOWS teenaged storytelling. Win/win!

At any rate, more reasons to jump into reading Runaways in anticipation for new stories and a new show!

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