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16 Ways To Join The Day Without A Woman Strike If You Gotta Work

Just 'cause you a broke girl, don't mean you ain't a woke girl.

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1. Wednesday, March 8 is the A Day Without A Woman strike.

In the spirit of women and their allies coming together for love and liberation, we offer A Day Without A Woman.…

Participants are skipping all work for the day but if skipping work isn't an option for you, wearing red and/or spending no money are two other ways to participate.

2. Be sneaky with your red.

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If you have to wear a uniform or have a dress code try sneaking in some red accessories, a pin or scarf or shoes, or wear your best red undies in an act of sneaky rebellion.

3. Talk about the protest with supervisors and co-workers.

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There are likely those who won't even know it's happening and the dudes you work with might want to know how they can show solidarity.

4. Get to know the women you work with.

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Make sure they know you’ve got their back whether they support the strike or not and give them a fist bump or a free pass to bitch about ways they feel overlooked, overworked, or under-compensated.

5. Make yourself scarce.

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Without overtly breaking any rules could you maybe skip answering emails for a day? Put up an away message? Don't volunteer for any new projects or take any meetings. Practice saying "I'll get back to you on that tomorrow, Bob."

6. Can’t make a sign? How about a post-it.


One great thing about the women’s march was the cleverness that came out of the pain manifested in the signs held by marchers. Put up a few little signs that remind you that working during the strike doesn't lessen your passion for the cause.

7. Take ALL the breaks.

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Whether you work full or part-time you are entitled to breaks throughout a shift. Take every last second of them by taking a walk and getting away from where anyone could ask you to cut your "you time" short.

8. Promote female-run businesses.

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Part of the strike is trying not to spend money on Wednesday but it's a great time to support your local lady-led businesses. Research those in your area and encourage your co-workers to support them. Go the extra step and leave flyers in the break room so there's no forgetting.

9. Take charge of your career.

A good use of Wednesday may be to do a personal performance evaluation. Compare your salary online to compare to other companies and communicate with your boss if you think you haven’t had an appraisal recently and think it’s time to talk. Or maybe use the time to job hunt or polish your resume. You do you.

10. Do an exclusive potluck with the ladies at work.

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Or bring your own lunch, but no cooking for anyone else or eating out. There's also fasting if you'd like to channel Ghandi in your own peaceful protest.

12. Small acts of kindness.

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Acknowledge the women in your life who work hard. The ladies you pass on the way to work each morning. The woman who makes those bomb-ass breakfast burritos you buy every week.

13. Post to social media.

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Many women who couldn’t participate in the Women’s March found inspiration and a sense of solidarity by posting their feelings online and seeing the many ways their fellow ladies were participating.

14. After-work at-home meet-up with the girls.


Make each other cocktails and cook together, leave husbands and boyfriends behind to fend for themselves for an evening, and lather appreciation on each other as you listen to how your various days played out.

16. Be a bomb lady-boss professional!


If you gotta work, make it count! Be sure to take credit for everything you do that day and write out a list of accomplishments for the day, week, month, whatever. Remind yourself that you contribute meaningfully to society and you are irreplaceable.

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