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    • aimmmsL

      My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years (YAYE US!). We first started dating in college and our relationship escalated quickly. We moved in together after only three months and roughly one week later exchanged the dreaded “I LOVE YOUs.”  I said it first, and being an over-analytical girl, I always questioned if his “I love you” was genuine or if he just said it because he felt like he HAD to. Well, a month into moving in I knew he meant it. We were studying for finals, when he got up and said he was going to shower and get ready for bed. I still had a handful and chapters and snapped back with a, “Have fun! I’ll probably be up all night.” An hour later, I notice that he was in the bathroom for a while and I did not hear the shower ever turn on. I walked over and knocked on the bathroom door. I didn’t hear a reply, but only a constant buzzing sound. I open the door abruptly just to peek and there I find my boyfriend butt-naked surrounded by a pile body hair. I swung the door open in disbelief. My boyfriend immediately turned red with embarrassment fueled anger.  All I could say was, “That is so much hair, where did it all come from?” “From me,” he snapped as he attempted to cover his body.  As I begin to giggle at the situation I ask, “Did you skin a bear in here too?” The last comment didn’t make him too happy and his embarrassment got the best of him. He grabbed the doorknob and began to usher me out saying that I should “leave him alone and get back to studying.” As soon as I out of the doorway, he slammed the door shut behind me. Five minutes later he comes out in a towel looking defeated and asks me if I can do him a favor.  “What? Leave me alone ‘I should get back to studying,’” I mock with air quotes and all. “Umm…can you help me shave my ass?” he said under his breath. “What?!” I exclaimed. “No it’s okay. Never mind,” he replied. Seeing how defeated he was, I could tell he was already embarrassed with earlier’s incident and he probably had to swallow all his pride to ask me this one favor. So out of love, I have found myself inches from my boyfriend’s bare ass, cheek slightly spread with a razor in hand for about 20 minutes- carefully shaving his ass. Man, he’s lucky I love him.

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