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Is Oman For You?

Chances are that you aren't considering Oman as a destination for your next vacation, read this article to see if you should be.

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Do you think a view of the sun setting on the water makes your dinner taste even better?

Shatti Qurum in Muscat is a few kilometers of public beach scattered with restaurants and cafes where you can choose from sliders, tacos, shisha, crepes, grilled fish, or your own picnic with this view.

Are you someone who likes to hike, climb rocks, or jump off of waterfalls?

In Oman there are at last fifty different wadis where you can do all of that and more. It gets even better; they are all free.

Does savory meat, spicy rice, and a cold yogurt drink sound like the perfect combination to you?

Where else can you eat incredible Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, Pakistani, Iranian, and of course homemade Omani cuisine, but in the city of Muscat.

Do you want to make your friends insta-jealous by posting beautiful pictures they can’t recreate?

In Oman you can get your picture napping on a dhow boat in the fjords, riding a camel in the dessert, jumping in a sinkhole, bargaining at the souq, posing with the Grand Mosque, or climbing up an ancient fort.

Do you love a good cup of chai, strong coffee, or fresh fruit juices?

I can guarantee that you will get some complimentary Omani coffee during your stay here from your hotel, a museum or shop you visit, or from one of the many hospitable new Omani friends you will surely meet. Tea shops are everywhere, you drive up, honk your horn, pay 100 baisa ($0.25) for a cup of chai any time of the day. Fresh juices and smoothies can be bought from any restaurant or coffee shop but are also sold at juice cafes for about $2.

Do you get excited about animals and wildlife?

Not only will you see adorable donkeys, sheep, goats, and camels on land, but dolphins, whale-sharks, sea turtles, and various species of fish are all quite common just off the shore.

Do you like to camp?

You are in luck! In Oman, it is legal and acceptable to camp anywhere in the wild as long as you aren’t too close to any houses. So buy a tent and some sleeping bags and you could have free accommodation out under the stars. The weather in Oman is also ideal for camping since it only rains for a few days each year and will never get to cold.

Do you speak Arabic?

That’s okay, you don’t need to! With half of the population of Muscat being expats, everyone you meet will speak at least some English so don’t worry about a communication barrier. Oman has always been a blend of cultures, religions, and languages. The people you meet in Oman will give you a window into the Middle East, East Asia, Eastern Africa, and the rest of the world!

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