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    Stevie Nicks Starred In A Self-Defense Manual In The 80s

    And it's insane.

    In 1983, Stevie appeared in Bob Jones' manual 'Hands Off!: A Unique New System of Self Defense Against Assault For the Women of Today'


    Yeah, it's a pretty long title. +10 points for choosing platforms though, Stevie.

    Nicks displayed how to scratch an attackers face.


    Check out the fingernails in the diagram. They're like talons!

    And how to knee them in the groin.


    What stands out here is that Stevie Nicks has incredible balance. Look at her! She's only on one leg for each of the shots! And in heels!

    And, finally, how to incorporate such moves into a stage show.


    "Her interest, besides self-defence, was to include them in future stage presentations".