You Can Attend A Cuddle Workshop In London, And It Looks Pretty Cosy

Snuggle up, everyone.

1. For £29, you can attend a four-hour cuddle workshop in Hampstead, North London.

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2. The workshops are run by couple Anna Shekory and Tom Mayer.

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3. “Cuddle Parties” have existed in New York for the past ten years.

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4. A key aspect of Cuddle Workshops is permission.

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Each participant has a choice during every exercise to cuddle or not cuddle.

5. The workshop is a safe boundary space.

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The cuddle workshop offers a safe boundary space in which to:

Have fun and experience innocent touch with others 

Learn how to say no (and yes) powerfully and comfortably
Discover and let go of hidden agendas around physical contact 

Playfully explore your boundaries and challenges around touch 

Gain tools for getting more satisfactory touch in your life 

Experience joy and deep relaxation through close physical contact.

7. The workshop is also gender balanced with an equal amount of male and female spaces.

Rosie Hallam/Barcroft Media

8. Cuddling stimulates production of Oxytocin.

Rosie Hallam/Barcroft Media

Oxytocin is a naturally produced chemical which is created when people have feelings of connection and bonding. There are numerous health benefits, including improved heart function, boosted immune system and feelings of calm and relaxation.

The next workshop is Sat 19th January. Find out more here.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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