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18 Secrets People In A Long-Term Relationship Won't Tell You

Share a Netflix password, share a life.

1. Doing laundry for two is the absolute worst.

2. We have fallen out over the last slice of pizza.

3. We don't spend all night snuggled up spooning.

Because *one* of us prefers to sleep like a starfish, while the other takes all the duvet.

4. So much flatulence.

5. We know each other's toilet schedules.

6. And have reminded each other to shower.

Adventure Time / Via

7. This is how most of our conversations go.

8. We definitely can't remember our actual anniversary.

MTV / Via

9. Everything in our apartment has a nickname, and an elaborate origin story.

NBC/ Parks and Recreation

"Could you hand me a towel?" "Oh, only Big Blue is here." "That'll do."

10. Even we don't know the backstory to some of our inside jokes.

Celeste and Jesse Forever / Via

11. Alone time is almost as important as couple time.

FOX/ New Girl / Via

12. We seldomly wear trousers at home. But not in a sexy way.

Furturama / FOX / Via

More in an "I don't need to impress you, let me eat my dinner off my lap with the fan on" way.

13. There are far fewer PDAs.

Saved By The Bell / Via

Because, hey, we both know where this is going.

14. And at this stage, there is zero pillow talk.

15. We still get panicky when friends and relatives suggest we should "settle down".

Pixar / Via

"I'm still young! I'm committed! See!"

16. It's hard to open up to each other sometimes.

FOX / Via

Just because we've been together a long time doesn't mean we still don't feel vulnerable at times.

17. We get a little bit jealous about each other's exception lists.

18. It has been a long time since we sent a text message like this.

(But we still think it).

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