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    15 Insanely Delicious Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

    Not just for Sundays.

    1. Mushroom and Brie Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

    2. Smoked Salmon Yorkshire Pudding

    3. Coconut and Dark Chocolate Yorkshires

    4. Yorkshire Pudding Sandwich

    5. Mini Toad in the Hole

    6. Filled Mini Yorkshire Puddings

    7. Roasted Vegetable Quiche with Yorkshire Pudding Crust

    8. Cheddar Chive Yorkshires

    9. Pesto and Goat's Cheese Yorkshire Puddings

    10. Herby Mustard Yorkies

    11. Sweet Spinach Yorkshire Puddings

    12. Chinese-Style Yorkshire Pudding

    13. Yorkshire Pudding Profiteroles

    14. Blackberry and Apple Yorkshire Puddings

    15. Princess Donut Muffins