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    25 "Queer Eye" Facts That Will Make You Love It Even More

    Did you know Jonathan can change a tyre in under five minutes?

    1. Karamo has been on TV before – he was the first openly gay black man on The Real World on MTV.


    2. Most of the cast met at a huge audition.


    Bobby told Variety: “It was like speed-dating. We’d go in groups of five from table to table with various executives and just rotate until they found who they were looking for.”

    3. There's a reason Jonathan always asks heroes how long they spend on their hair when on camera.

    Courtesy of Netflix

    He told Vulture: "I really want to know how much time you’re going to spend on your hair in the morning, because I don’t want to give you some experience on camera that makes no sense for you, because why would you do that for the sake of a transformation? I don’t want to do transformations on people for the sake of a visual. I want to do it because it makes sense."

    4. Neal from Episode 2 now texts Antoni photos of his meals.

    5. Tan didn't submit an application for the show – the producers found him on social media.

    6. The people the Fab Five make over in the show are called "heroes."

    Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

    7. You may recognise Jonathan from his Gay of Thrones recaps. He's a huge fan of the series.

    Funny or Die

    8. And he wants Yara Greyjoy to sit on the Iron Throne.


    He told Vulture: "It would be so unexpected right now because she’s so beat down, and I just really love a survivor story. And I feel like [Daenerys] might be too obvious for George [R.R. Martin], you know, because we just love her so much."

    9. In a cute twist, Antoni was the personal chef to the first food guide on Queer Eye.

    10. Jonathan's definition of "grooming" is based on body positivity.

    11. Bobby worked seven days a week to get the houses ready.

    12. And because his role means he has to order in items, he gets a heads-up in advance.


    He told Architectural Digest: "I would get a little one-sheet on the guys or the guys and their families. Sometimes it really wasn't a whole lot to go on. The only thing I had to go on for Remi in Episode 6 is that he wanted to be in advertising, he loved Mad Men, and he wanted to go to Cuba one day..."

    13. They really didn't know what was happening when the cop car pulled them over in Episode 3.

    Courtesy of Netflix

    "We had no idea," Karamo Brown told BuzzFeed of the scene. "When we have the driving scene in the morning, we all fight over who’s going to drive. That morning, I was adamant that I wanted to drive. I’m glad that that happened, because then it allowed a conversation to happen that probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been in the driver’s seat."

    Karamo told Indiewire that the moment showed viewers a fear many people of colour face every day.


    “Look how beautiful that is, a moment that myself and Tan may experience on a day-to-day basis, we face these fears of when a cop pulls us over. Are they gonna immediately just harass us, just because of who we are? People at home, who’ve never got to see that, are gonna get a small glimpse of what that is, but we don’t fester in that.”

    14. There are loads of recipes that don't make it to the final cut.

    15. Bobby has a home furnishings line.

    16. And Tan has a successful clothing line.

    17. Tan's husband is a Mormon cowboy, and they live in Salt Lake City together.

    18. Karamo's nickname is Karoprah.

    19. Bobby Camp's house took a day and half to clean before they could start work on it.


    Bobby told BuzzFeed: "Usually we can get in there and clean things out really quickly, but that took a full day and a half just to clean. With six young kids and a job, it’s completely understandable that keeping a tidy home is the last thing on your mind.”

    20. Jonathan is still in touch with some of the heroes via Instagram.

    21. AJ from Episode 3 sold his house after they made it over.

    22. Karamo has an important stipulation in his contract.

    23. Karamo also runs an HIV awareness organization called 6in10.

    24. Joe, the comedian from Episode 7, took his website down after the show.


    Karamo told BuzzFeed: "But he took [his website] down! He said, ‘I’m not sure if I’m ready for that point in my career.’ I was like, ‘I’m building you this because in a matter of months, millions of people are gonna see you and flock to your website.’ And he took it down."

    25. Jonathan can change a tyre in under five minutes.

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