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15 London Wine Bars That Are Actually Great

The best wine bars in London.

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1. Sager + Wilde

Sagar and Wilde is sheer perfection: friendly staff, an extensive and inexpensive wine list, and toasties for days. With a new venue recently opened on Paradise Row, this Hackney peach now has more space than ever.

2. Noble Rot

Noble Rot

Noble Rot is likely the trendiest wine bar you'll ever encounter. It's tucked off a Bloomsbury side street! It's got its own food magazine! It's got a great restaurant attached! And it boldly declares Chardonnay to be the world's best white wine. What more could you want?

4. Bubbledogs

A restaurant the specialises in hot dogs and champagne might sound ludicrous. And it kind of is, but in the best way. If you're going to splash out, do it right. And if you're not sure where to start when selecting champagne, then why not take their quiz.


5. Vinoteca


Vinoteca is a classic choice, with locations in King's Cross, Soho, Farringdon, Marylebone and Chiswick. But it's the Chiswick branch you should keep on eye on. Their Sunday feasts series of events includes unlimited free pour wine. Find out more here.

8. Bouverie Road Wine Bar

This cave is underneath the Stoke Newington Tea House, and is a quiet oasis from the pints and Sunday roasts upstairs. They've got an especially good sparkling wine selection.


9. Humble Grape

This neat wine bar is a recent launch from wine merchants Humble Grape. Which means they know their stock inside out. Though the Fleet Street location may be a little ~ City ~ for some, they sweeten the deal on Mondays: You can drink in for the retail bottle price.

10. Pall Mall Fine Wine

Pall Mall fine wine is a hidden treasure in theatreland. Forget about trying to slot in a prix fixe – instead share a meat and cheeseboard with a fine Pinot Noir. It's also a perfect location for a quiet solo drink – and I speak from experience.

11. Vivat Bacchus

With branches in Holborn and Southwark, this wine bar focuses on South African wines. The Holborn branch is especially nice for a quiet drink with your book. Once more, I speak from experience.

12. 40 Maltby Street

40 Maltby Street is run by Gergovie Wines – wine merchants who work with "a new generation of winemakers eschewing chemical pesticides and fertilisers". So if you're into organic wines, this is the place for you. And the reviews are impeccable.


13. York & Albany

York & Albany

If you're having trouble convincing your friends to go to a wine bar, then why not tempt them outside with a Wine Terrace? A glass of cool white in the sunshine, just by Regent's Park? Don't mind if I do.

14. L'Entrepot


The ever-reliable Borough Wines are behind this local Hackney restaurant. Their ethos is simple: a small menu that changes often. And the list of wines by the glass is endless (there are 30!) What more could you want?