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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    Well, This Is The Most Delightful Tumblr You Will See Today

    Having A Face brings the countryside to life.

    Having A Face is the brainchild of designer Lucas Zanotto.

    It was born out of boredom in the Finnish countryside, he explains.

    "I was sitting in front of a summer cottage in the at a lake. There was this huge stone in front of the lake."

    "So, together with my kids we took two paper plates, drew black dots onto them and put them on the stone. The effect was great!"

    The shots were all taken on an iPhone 5.

    Zanotto hopes that the visitors to the Tumblr enjoy the project.

    "I hope they have fun watching and discovering the pictures. Maybe try it out themsleves!"

    Zanotto's most recent work includes Drawnimal - an app which encourages young children to draw and learn the alphabet.

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