21 Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know

    Lights, camera, action.

    1. Let your photographer know about any quirks of the venue.

    2. It's important to click with your photographer.

    3. Make sure the day tells *your* story.

    4. Give the photographer a "backstage pass" to your day.

    5. Don't try to force a pose that doesn't feel natural.

    6. Try for an "unplugged wedding" if you can.

    7. Make sure to check photography permissions in the ceremony venue.

    8. Know that if you look like yourself, you'll look your best.

    9. If you're keen to experiment, go for it.

    10. You can make the proposal part of the wedding day too.

    11. If you want documentary shots, be patient.

    12. Be adventurous with your locations.

    13. Be creative with your props.

    14. Sometimes spaces can surprise you.

    15. Low-key can be great too.

    16. If you like someone's work, you can ask them to travel.

    17. But a local photographer can help you with more than photos.

    18. Black-and-white photography is as useful as it is pretty.

    19. Grooms, it's your day too.

    20. Split your portrait time up between day and evening.

    21. And don't forget to have fun.

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