28 Ways In Which We Are All Bridget Jones

    Sweary, blonde, likes a drink. Bridget is all of us.

    1. You begin the year with boundless optimism, determined to be a better person.

    2. But trouble always seems to find you.

    3. You get carried away easily.

    4. You are on an endless journey of self-improvement.

    5. Your professional life is one long fumble-save.

    6. Your boss always gets your name wrong.

    7. You e-flirt all day...

    8. And you're never entirely sure what's going on.

    9. In fact, you could really do with a career change.

    10. Your parents always call at the worst times.

    11. Your friends are nuts. And not to be trusted.

    12. And they're certainly a bad influence.

    13. You're resourceful with your clothing choices.

    14. You have a fuzzy handle on current affairs.

    15. But you know what's important in your life.

    16. Your parents are realistic about your love life.

    17. You are equally realistic about your love life.

    18. You're good at vocalising your frustrations.

    19. You're also good at expressing your emotions.

    20. But you're not one to take injustices lying down.

    21. You know that hell is other people.

    22. You leave the house looking like this.

    23. And arrive, looking like this.

    24. This is your idea of preparing for a dinner party.

    25. Your flirting skills are perfunctory.

    26. You know your flaws.

    27. But above all, you value yourself.

    28. Because you know there's always someone waiting who likes you, just the way you are.