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19 Things Only Siblings Who Have Shared A Room Know


1. The pain of being the tidy one.


2. The battle to turn off the light.

3. Which was almost as violent as the war over the the top bunk bed.

4. But even if you fought all day, there was still time for secret bedtime chats.

5. And 'trashing their room' was never a suitable revenge option, as duh it's your room too.

6. The struggle not to wake your younger sibling when you go to the toilet.

Or while creeping in to go to bed.

7. (But now you can fall asleep any time, any place.)

Oh, your dorm room is noisy? I used to share a room with a newborn. THIS IS NOTHING.

8. You dreamed about having a room of your own.

9. And envied characters on TV who had their own room.

10. But instead, you compromised on decor.

11. And you compromised on storage.

12. And you compromised on who got to read the new Harry Potter first.

13. And you compromised on privacy.

sharing a bedroom is awesome i really love having zero privacy and sleeping two feet away from my sister

14. And, eventually, you learned to compromise on snoring.

15. Which meant that if your sibling went on a sleepover you were delighted.

16. Finally! A room of one's own!

17. But as soon as night fell, you were lonely.

18. Because really, you were sharing a room with your best friend.