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15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Tupperware

You have strong opinions on those green IKEA food containers.

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3. You are prepared for every snacking occasion.

Instagram: @losingit

4. And you've always got enough to share.

Instagram: @meganpascall

5. You wouldn't dream of *taking* someone's Tupperware.

Nobody really owns tupperware. We are all just really borrowing it from one another.

But you *might* admire it, and forget to give it back.

7. And specific Tupperware for specific leftovers.

Anyone else exact immense pleasure in selecting the perfect piece of Tupperware for your leftovers?


8. Although you're not snobby, when needs must.

You say yogurt container, I say free Tupperware.

Or, an old margarine box, favoured by mums everywhere.

9. You know exactly how versatile Tupperware can be.

When the times are hard and you don’t have a shaker, my boyfriend makes a bourbon sour in a tupperware container. #justmarrymepls


13. And apart from a few annoyances...

Instagram: @ariellforquer

14. You're pretty happy with your life decisions.

Instagram: @samanthalayne

Loving your stacking, girl.