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Posted on Sep 26, 2017

7 Tried And Tested Products To Take Your Baking To The Next Level

Including a genius alternative to greasing the tin that means your cake will never get stuck again.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A genius alternative to greasing the tin that means your cake will never get stuck again.

"I used this with the hexagonal break off bee cake tin and to my delight it came out perfectly! I had previously laboured with butter and flour etc, and it always stuck so I was absolutely delighted to find something so effective and so easy to use. Will be buying lots more!" – Lesley

Get it at Lakeland, £4.79

2. A nifty tool that will mean your fondant is smooth as silk.,

"For the price you would think that this product may be cheap and nasty and possibly wouldn't last very long. But I can tell you I'm very suprised but very happy with this purchase. It's quite sturdy and smoothes out all the lumps and bumps from the icing. Plus it only takes half the time. Love it." – Verity

Get it on Amazon, £0.47

3. These blind baking beans that will put an end to your soggy bottom bakes.

"I have failed for many years to make pastry. Then someone suggested these beans and hurrah, my pastry looks like pastry, tastes like pastry and is not soggy! I blind bake for ten minutes with these in and I've got pastry which is reliably good! I'm delighted. I also like the fact that make little indents in the pastry because it creates little puddles of gooey delight when you are making cherry pies." – Rachel Hill

Get it at Lakeland, £5.99

4. A dispenser that will make sure you don't lose a drop of cupcake batter.

"This product is genius, I am forever spilling cupcake batter EVERYWHERE… not anymore with this I don’t spill a drop it is so very easy to use, you just mix your batter and pour it in to this. Put the lid on and away you go, just hover over your cake cases and press the handle. When you have enough batter mix in that one release your grip on the pink handle and the little cover goes over the hold and prevents batter leaking then just move on to the next one." – Jess Hanvey

Get it on Amazon, £11.99

5. An add-on that keeps your knife level while slicing cakes into even layers.

"Really handy tool to help cut straight at different heights. No more big dips in those cakes." – Jessica Barlow

Get it on Amazon, £0.70

6. A stainless steel dough scraper that will *prove* how much you *knead* it.

"Excellent dough blade. Bought for my bread making, but also used by my wife for measuring and cutting out pastries. The blade is quite sharp, so make sure that the worktop does not mark. – Mike J

Get it on Amazon, £2.99

7. A transparent rolling mat that will take the guess-work out of measuring fondant icing.

"I had a very large cake to cover with sugar paste and needed to roll out a 20" square. It was impossible to get it over the cake in one piece. Luckily I found the measure and roll mat, I looked it up and watched the video. It does the job exactly as claimed. The sugar paste was rolled out and draped over the cake with no problem at all. Saved me a lot of time, effort and anxiety. I recommend this for any cake, not just a large one as it is so easy." – Jodek

Get it on Amazon, £9.99