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    7 Practical Items Parents Are Buying This Week

    Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising up in ranking. This week: Baby products!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers that curates items that are ~trending~.


    Here are some of the best products found on the Baby Movers & Shakers list this week:

    1. Happy Mummy Hook and Stroll, £5.99

    Most promising review: "So you are pushing your new fangled 'bar handle' buggy for the first time. It's great isn't it? And then you go shopping. And there's nowhere to put the bags because the baby is lying in the bottom bunk fast asleep. So you wish you had asked about whether it was easy to carry bags and handbags and beach paraphernalia. And it's like the darkness has descended over your life as you realise you bought a £300+ buggy that is only of use for pushing children and absolutely nothing else, in spite of what the adverts tell you about its basket capacity. And then you visit Amazon and you find these hooks and you read this review and it's like a light has switched on over your life again." – D. Thurgood

    Buy it on Amazon

    2. Perfect Maternity Pillow, £24.50

    Most promising review: "I bought this pillow as I'm 6 months pregnant and struggling to get comfortable at night... Very happy with this pillow. The cover is removable for easy washing, it's very comfortable and has helped me sleep better at night. I also like the way you can use it as a breastfeeding pillow and with the baby after giving birth so win win." – Amazon Customer

    Buy it on Amazon

    3. Clevabed Mattress Protector, £13.99

    Most promising review: "I bought these after having bought the cot ones for my children back in 2012. Thanks to Amazon I could go back in my orders and find what I bought. These are fine. The are totally waterproof. We had a few accidents which at times went unnoticed until the morning and the mattress was perfectly dry. It does not make any noises while children are sleeping. I tend to put a sheet over it in addition. I bought the single sizes after being really happy with the cot size, It's the same material as the cot size." – Flo

    Buy it on Amazon

    4. Dr Brown's Silicone Teats, £5.45

    Most promising review: "My baby suffered from terrible reflux, someone suggested Dr Browns to me and they made an instant difference, she needed the stage 2 teats almost from the beginning, but now feeding time is nice and relaxed and she settles immediately afterwards. These saved my sanity!" – Ruth K

    Buy it on Amazon

    5. Toddler Safety Harness Backpack, £1.83

    Most promising review: "My 2 year old son absolutely HATES anything restricting him, so I wasn't holding out much hope for this item, BUT to my surprise, he loves them! I managed to keep them on him for the whole time we were out, and he actually moaned when I took them off him! My 6 year old daughter also thinks they're great as she gets to walk her brother around like a little puppy (I'm sorry son!) If I'm honest I didn't think it would be as good quality as it is, it's really well made, folds up super small so I can keep it in my bag when it's not in use, the straps are easy to adjust, and it has a chest strap too. A must buy item for any parent that wants to keep their child safe beside them!" – Miss Devitt

    Buy it on Amazon

    6. Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind, £17.50

    Most promising review: "We have now bought two of these blinds, which are great for in the house blocking out windows. However what is truly great about these are the flexibility of movement, so every hotel or holiday home we stay in our son can have a dark room, and we can hope to sleep to a semi-decent hour.... maybe 6?!" – Andrew P

    Buy it on Amazon

    7. Self- Sterilising Bottle Set, £19.94

    Most promising review: "Great price and great product. I ordered these as mix feeding (breast and formula) baby loves them as these are flat and easy to use. I also find them extremely useful that they self sterilise. We use these when we go away (we go for weekends away to parents a lot) this means we no longer need to take our big steamer steriliser with us and takes minutes to sterilise – just 3 mins for one or 6 minutes for 4 for example." – Amazon Customer

    Buy it on Amazon

    To see what else is trending on Amazon, check out its Movers and Shakers section!

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