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    19 Flawless Pictures That Will Inspire You To Dye Your Hair

    Rainbow hair, don't care.

    1. These beautiful braids.

    2. This vintage 'do with a modern twist.

    3. These kaleidoscope curls.

    4. This pop of colour beneath a perfect ashy blonde.

    5. This colourful perfection.

    6. This candyfloss creation.

    7. This blue and green dream scene.

    8. These fresh AF take on classic blonde.

    9. This breathtaking Poison Ivy swoop.

    10. These colour co-ordinated braids.

    11. This rainbow fishtail that looks just as good loose.

    12. These cosmic buns.

    13. This subtle flash of colour.

    14. This prismatic beauty.

    15. This neon daydream.

    16. This drop dead gorgeous reverse ombré.

    17. This rhapsody in blue.

    18. These fiery flowing locks.

    19. This pastel sweetheart.