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    19 Tiny Self-Care Tips To Try Out

    Small ways to feel a little better.

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    I’ve been bringing you weekly guides for self-care for almost a year now.

    So here's a collection of the easiest small changes you can make – they all take under 10 minutes.

    1. Relax with rain sounds.

    2. Put pressure on period cramps.

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    3. Try scent therapy.

    4. Try meditating.

    5. Make your Instagram account a soothing space.

    6. Lose yourself in your work.

    7. Write a note to yourself, reminding you of the good you have done.

    8. Try this interactive mindfulness book.

    10. Take care of your skin.

    11. Manage your expectations from both sides.

    12. Try a pillow spray.

    13. Find your well.

    14. Try an old-school puzzle.

    16. Flip your perspective.

    17. Take pleasure in the achievements of others.

    tfw your friends are all doing so well and you support them and enjoy their achievements like they are your own

    The greatest thing I have learned is to be proud – not envious – of my friends. It is so wonderful to be able to feel happy for somebody else's successes, and to know they are feeling the same thing for you when you do well.

    18. Write down a compliment you get.

    19. Call your person.

    Comment below or @ me with your suggestions for easy self-care tips and you could feature in the next edition!