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    17 Tiny And Comfortable Earrings For Your Upper Ear

    Super pretty, and super affordable.

    Rebecca Hendin / Etsy / BuzzFeed

    1. This silver swoosh.

    2. This perfect planet.

    3. This swirly silver number.

    4. This rose gold piece of perfection.

    5. This terrific tentacle.

    6. This cursive curse.

    7. These shooting stars.

    8. This delicate feather.

    9. This tiny bird.

    10. This dainty silver chain.

    11. These straight arrows.

    12. This charm cuff.

    13. This brightly coloured beauty.

    14. These light-as-a-feather wings.

    15. This dinky elephant.

    16. This relaxed hoop.

    17. This beaded beauty.


    Item number five is a tentacle, not a snake.