16 Times Chicken Cottage Was The Most Important Place In The World

Bargain bucket please.

1. When it was a gateway to romance.

2. When it entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with John.

3. When it hosted a business meal.

4. When it was just too much for this Londoner.

5. When it showed that everyone wants chicken, always.

6. When it made groundbreaking design work.

In the Chicken Cottage logo the blue chicken is holding the red chicken back from a fight

— Steve Hogarty (@misterbrilliant)

7. When a royal visited.

In the new Diana film there's a bit where she goes to a Chicken Cottage.

— Joe Stone (@Joe_Stone_)

8. When it lent its name to a home.

Discussion with friend about what to name my house. His suggestion: 'Chicken Cottage.' APPROVED *engraves blue plaque*

— Manisha Ferdinand (@Ferders)

9. When it changed its name.

My mum just said "what's that place behind the bank called, cottage cheese?" ... Meaning chicken cottage. Hahahaha.

— Craig Nelson (@craaaigy_)

10. When it bookended Claudia’s day.

It's almost certainly going to be a Chicken Cottage night

— Claudia Winkleman (@ClaudiaWinkle)

11. When it was fancy.

Badly want to go to the perversely fancy Chicken Cottage on Goodge Street at some point.

— Charlie Lyne (@charlielyne)

12. When it was A-list.

I'm going to the awards with @justinbieber. He's picking me up in his smart car and we're go to chicken cottage for some nom

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran)

13. When it was affordable.

Chicken cottage ਱.75 one piece and chips. I love you!

— Paloma Faith (@Palomafaith)

14. When it delivered.

Nando's is nice and that but Chicken Cottage deliver

— The X Factor (@TheXFactorUK)

15. When it was a high-end collaboration.

I need that Chanel chicken cottage tshirt. Give me some joy internet

— Henrietta Hunter (@henriettahunter)

16. When it spread peace, harmony, and laughter.

Let's Start our day with the intention of peace, harmony, laughter and love for all.

— CHICKEN COTTAGE (@Chickencottagel)

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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