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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    This Is What The Tube Might Look Like In The Future

    Can't wait.

    Siemens have built a prototype for a new tube, named 'The Inspiro'.

    Siemens Press Pictures

    Destination: THE FUTURE.

    The Inspiro is 30 per cent more energy efficient than current Tube trains.

    Siemens Press Pictures / Via

    Sam Mullins, director of the London Transport Museum explains: "Underground railways are now a feature of many of the world’s major cities, a number of which are now looking to the next generation of underground travel and how the type of technology showcased at Going Underground can play a part in the creation of the metros of the future."

    The prototype will be on display at The Crystal, near Royal Victoria Docks.

    Siemens Press Pictures

    Going Underground: Our Journey to the Future opens on October 8.

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