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    This Is What A Fancy Dress Funeral Looks Like

    Biker asked friends and family wear costumes to the service. The results were both sad and sweet.

    Over 250 friends and family dressed up as Fred Flintstone, Superman, Batman, and a strip of bacon to attend the funeral of 42 year old Gary Pattison.

    Peter Summers/Newsteam

    Speeches contained the words 'bacon' and 'discombobulated', according to Mr Pattison's wishes.

    Peter Summers/Newsteam

    His final message ended: 'In the words of Warner Brothers, 'That's all folks!' Enjoy and do me proud."

    Newsteam / SWNS Group

    The biker, from Newcastle-under-Lyme died after a crash earlier this month. He outlined his wishes for the funeral in a message before he passed away.

    Newsteam / SWNS Group

    A friend of Mr Pattison's remembered him fondly. "This great bear of a man was both the gentlest, sweetest soul and the most dry, to-the-point, sarcastic, funny person I knew."

    Newsteam / SWNS Group / Via

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