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This Cutlery Will Solve All Your First Date Woes

No more awkward sharing ever again.

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Spanish artist Cristina Guardiola has created a set of cutlery that is designed to make first dates easier.

"This cutlery set aims to smooth over some of the potential anxiety of a first date dining experience by facilitating good table etiquette and encouraging interaction. The cutlery form responds directly to appropriate advice in Debrett’s Etiquette, enhancing the prospect of correct use and diminishing that of an unfortunate faux-pas. Both parties can consequently relax, focus less on formality and more on pleasure."

The soup spoon is designed so that one sips from the side of the spoon.

She told BuzzFeed, "I like to look at the behavioural differences towards food in different situations, so I can create new products. I find interesting how objects influence peoples’ experiences. My First Date Cutlery inspiration comes from observing how people use eating as a link to create bonds in a first date. I haven’t been inspired by any personal experience but I like to listen others’ stories to get stimulus."

There is a magnet in the knife and fork - so diners can easily cross their cutlery mid-meal.

The project took half a year to realise. "It took me six months to develop the idea, make some mock-ups, test materials and do the final prototype."

Finally, the dessert spoon is designed for sharing.

The set is not currently on sale, she tells BuzzFeed. "The cutlery is a real scale prototype and is not on sale for the moment. I am currently considering producing it but I am in an early stage."