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    This Tumblr Post Perfectly Explains The Catch 22 Of Social Anxiety

    "If I always expect the worst, my chance of avoiding it is increased."

    "People Panic" is a comic by Swedish artist Elias Ericson. In the comic he tries to explain the frustration of having social anxiety.

    Elias Ericson

    "Social energy is like money", he writes.

    Elias Ericson

    "I save money (social energy) to be able to spend it on things (socialisation)".

    The associated shame is overwhelming sometimes.

    Elias Ericson

    And new acquaintances present a challenge.

    Elias Ericson

    And Elias concludes by asking readers not to judge based on appearance.

    Elias Ericson

    Read the original Tumblr post here, and view more of Elias Ericson's work here.

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