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This 14-Year-Old Girl Does The Most Amazing Nail-Art Vines Ever

Six seconds of genius.

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Vine user Carly Shay is killing it with her nail tutorials.

Like, she's so good.

And she's only 14.

Carly (real name Sarah), told BuzzFeed,

"I started my account in December 2013. I actually did start making Vines of myself trying to be funny which didn't really work out except for my total of 35 followers at the time. During the end of May 2014, my friend and I decided to make an Instagram account posting nail tutorials because we were both interested in nail art. I made my first nail art tutorial of an anchor and posted it to Instagram. I thought it would be cool to also post it on my vine account and see how much attention it got. The Instagram tutorial got 2 or 3 likes but the same anchor tutorial I posted on Vine (which is still on my account) got a lot more attention. My friend and I deleted the Instagram account because we didn't have enough free time to keep our posts frequent together but I kept my Vine account. Since then I've been posting nail tutorials on my Vine."

Carly's inspiration initially came from Youtube.

She explains:

"I was always interested in nail art, and I found 'cutepolish' on YouTube who also makes nail tutorials in maybe 2010. I liked that I could make designs on my nails at home without paying for the nail salon. Her tutorials helped me learn almost everything I know now about nail art."

She quickly moved on to trickier designs like this The Fault In Our Stars Vine.

"The trickiest tutorial I have done so far on Vine was my The Fault In Our Stars tutorial. I had to carefully and patiently paint two clouds on my nail and write "ok" in each cloud with nail polish. I tried my best to make the design look like the cover of The Fault In Our Stars book. Thankfully I did it in one attempt but it definitely was the trickiest."

She'd like to be more active in the Vine community.

"I try to interact with my followers though asking them what nail designs they want tutorials on and they answer", Carly tells BuzzFeed.

"I actually haven't seen, let alone talked to any other people with a nail art account besides 'whaddupfashion' which is a company with thousands of followers. I would like to meet some Viners with the same interest as me."

Follow her on Vine here.