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    20 Things You'll Only Know If Your Parents Were Dentists

    "Suction" is more than just a funny word.

    1. You thought the tooth fairy was a colleague of your parents'.

    2. You know that this is called an X-ray picture, not an X-ray.

    3. You know exactly what each of these does.

    4. You have flossing guilt.

    5. You've done a shift as a receptionist in the surgery. Or as a nurse.

    6. People automatically open their mouth when they see you and ask about their wisdom teeth.

    What am I supposed to do? A dentistry degree isn't genetically transferred you know.

    7. And then they peer at yours, expectantly.

    "How come you've got a filling if your parents are dentists?"

    8. And you have to listen to people explain their fear of the dentist.

    9. You get excited by dentists in pop culture.

    10. You wince at non-sugar-free gum.

    11. But clearly you still drink full-fat Coke.

    12. When you travel, you bring three toothbrushes, but forget to pack socks.

    13. You can spot veneers a mile off.


    14. And you know more about dental implants than silicone ones.

    15. You have magazines and slides at home that look gross to visitors, but totally normal to you.

    16. You are never not weirded out by your parents using their doctor voice on the home phone when they're on call.

    17. You're calm when in the chair yourself, but still flinch at the needle.

    18. You "borrowed" some topical anesthetic when you got your ears pierced.

    19. You see nothing weird about this ad.

    20. And you were raised with good habits, so you know at least you'll never end up looking like this.