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19 Things You Should Know About Kit Harington From "Game Of Thrones"

Jon Snow's past might be a mystery, but Kit's isn't.

1. Named Christopher Catesby Harington, Kit was born in London in 1986.

2. He's secretly posh.

3. His real name is Christopher, but nobody calls him that.

4. He got his big break in theatre.

5. And was the original lead in War Horse.

6. He turned up to his Game Of Thrones audition with a black eye.

7. His foot was in a cast for most of Season 3 of Game Of Thrones.

8. The injury meant Kit had a body double for some scenes in Season 3.

9. He's not very good with public transport.

10. His ideal first date involves dinner, and wine.

11. He's a horror movie buff.

12. He's a big David Lynch fan.

13. But he gets frightened by video games.

14. He can speak a little Icelandic.

15. He modelled his Northern accent on Sean Bean's.

16. He's scared of flying.

17. Game Of Thrones was the first time he had long hair.

18. You won't find him on Twitter.

19. He's fine with the nudity in Game Of Thrones.

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