24 Things Irish People Like According To Stock Photos

All of these images were found using the search term “Irish”.

1. Very in-focus shots of a pint of what looks like stout.

Stockbyte / Via Thinkstock

2. Donkeys.

ChristineGates / Via Thinkstock

3. Hats with veils and Celtic cross tattoos.

cindygoff / Via Thinkstock

4. Superheroes dressed in the colours of the Irish flag.

DanielVilleneuve / Via Thinkstock

5. A garnished pan of Boxty.

Szakaly / Via Thinkstock

6. Praying to shoes.

darkbird77 / Via Thinkstock

7. Pensively staring, with the Union Jack on their face.

Nathanx1 / Via Thinkstock

8. Sitting perilously close to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher.

massimofusaro / Via Thinkstock

9. Pondering upon a cartoon graphic of the globe.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Via Thinkstock

10. Cooked breakfasts.

mafra13 / Via Thinkstock

11. Shamrock biscuits.

rockvillepikephoto / Via Thinkstock

12. Kissing by the sea.

bbtomas / Via Thinkstock

13. Arty shots of shoes on steps.

garylestrangephotography / Via Thinkstock

14. Goulash.

mikafotostok / Via Thinkstock

15. Posing in a picture frame wearing a sequin hat, carrying wildflowers.

cindygoff / Via Thinkstock

16. Offering beer to a fellow Irish dancer.

darkbird77 / Via Thinkstock

17. Businesswomen pointing the way to Wall Street, against a background of doors.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Via Thinkstock

18. Holding a series of three leaf clovers in the palm of their hand, in descending size.

Qpicimages / Via Thinkstock

19. Sleeping puppies in baskets, surrounded by green items.

JStaley401 / Via Thinkstock

20. Being annoyed when a bored waitress is not pouring a beer to their sastifaction.

innovatedcaptures / Via Thinkstock

21. Pulling a green apple out of a green hat, while wearing a jazzy green bow tie.

yelo34 / Via Thinkstock

22. Wearing shamrock necklaces and a bikini top.

picandpixel / Via Thinkstock

23. Thinking wistfully about an upcoming class trip.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Via Thinkstock

24. “St. Patrick Day” graphics, featuring a wall of shamrocks, and a leprechaun holding a very foamy tankard.

analia26 / Via Thinkstock

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