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    16 Things Everyone Outside London Is Tired Of Hearing About

    You live in the capital? How fascinating.

    1. The price of your rent.


    Yeah, rent sucks everywhere.

    2. Discussions over which night bus to take.

    Why are you talking about night buses when it's 3pm?

    3. Pop Ups.

    Great, enjoy eating against the clock in a back garden.

    4. Columbia Road Flower Market.

    Because you can't buy flowers outside the M25.

    5. Planned works on the underground.

    How annoying that you have an advanced public transport system that needs scheduled maintenance.

    6. Boris Johnson.

    Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

    You chose him!

    7. Driving the DLR.

    Pretending to drive a train, that isn't a train? OK.

    8. Hatred of tourists.

    Come on, everyone's been a tourist somewhere.

    9. Small-batch gin.

    See also: Craft beer.

    10. Boiler Room sets.

    Live-stream a club night, to your laptop. Instead of going out. Right.

    11. The merits of a weekly pass vs an oyster card.

    Honestly, make an Excel spreadsheet and sort it out.

    12. That time you saw Harry Styles at the Alibi.

    Don't you mean, that time a friend of a friend saw Harry's car?

    13. Jokes about Clapham.

    It's posh, we get it.

    14. How you feel about the city centre on weekends.

    Capital city in lots of people shocker.

    15. London ennui.

    Please, continue telling me of your urbane distemper.

    16. Arguments about north Vs south London.

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