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    18 Things Dubliners Miss When They Move Away

    So homesick.

    1. A pint and a toastie at Grogan's.

    2. Pretending you own a boat in Howth.

    3. Slagging Bono.

    4. Remembering when you could fill up Anna Livia's bath with bubbles.


    5. Chicken fillet rolls.

    6. The DART across Killiney bay.

    7. SuperQuinn sossies.


    8. The Iveagh Gardens.

    9. Proper crisps.


    10. The Bernard Shaw Smoking Area.

    11. Eddie Rockets'.

    12. Marvelling at the sea swimmers in the winter.

    13. A 3-in-1 from Charlies One (or Three).

    14. The likelihood of hearing "Only A Woman's Heart" in a taxi home.

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    15. Clomping over the Ha'penny Bridge.

    16. The characters.

    17. The sense of humour.

    18. And the sea.

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