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    Posted on Jan 31, 2014

    There Is An Etsy Artist Who Cross Stitches Pop Lyrics And They Are So Perfect

    Need all of these.

    Etsy artist Crafty Curtis painstakingly cross stitches pop lyrics. And they're amazing.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    Each piece takes "about 12 hours", she told BuzzFeed.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    "It’s hard to say because I do it in my spare time, I suppose up to 12 hours depending on the length of the lyric and all from designing the pattern to fully framing them up. I have a lead-time on most orders so I can deliver to requirements."

    She's a long-time crafter.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    "I’ve been knitting since I was about 8, and then with a vengeance for the last 10ish years. I crochet as well. I started to cross stitch a few years ago – I’m sure I did it as a kid on massive aida (fabric with holes in) but it wasn’t something i’d carried on into adulthood. I’ve mainly knitted things for my nieces and nephew and friends kids before this, it is really my first major project that isn’t just about one off gifts for friends."

    Initially, the cross stitching was just a hobby.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    "I came up with the idea of stitching my favourite dark lyrics, the juxtaposition of it pleased me, and it was only for personal amusement at this point that is what I did. I like the ones that sit apart from the songs, but those who know, know."

    But then the operation spread.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    "I started by putting them on my facebook and twitter pages to amuse my friends and family, then I started getting interest so I set up on etsy and last christmas sold in a pop up shop in Bristol."

    And the stories behind some of the pieces will melt your heart.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    She explained, "I was recently commissioned to make “a million days in your arms is never too much” – Never Too Much by Luther Vandross - by a Twitter friend who’d met their fiancé through an intricate internet friends sort of set up, I’d followed them both on Twitter through their get together and this was one of the first songs that they’d ever interacted over, it was just so perfect, I couldn’t wait for him to open it on Christmas day, I get far too invested in the stories!"

    Like, super-cute.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    She continues, "I sneakily found out the first dance for my friend’s wedding too and stitched a line from that for her in the colours she was using for the wedding – “nothing lasts for ever except you and me” from "Mountains" by Biffy Clyro."

    And yes, she takes requests.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    "I started off with 3 rules: No stand alone song titles. No songs I consider to be shit. No REM (See second rule)". But she's flexible, "basically though, I adore the stories so I’d probably break all of my rules if someone asked."

    You can listen to a playlist of all the songs featured so far here.

    Crafty Curtis / Via

    You can buy pieces on Etsy, and you can follow Crafty Curtis on Twitter and Facebook.

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